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CEO Introduction
We will always do our best to create rich values
that can drive customer satisfaction and enrich lives through
the production/development of better products and services.

Moonpungji gives us all happiness.
With its fast and precise construction technology, it will become the leading company in the wood-chamber industry.

First, Think of the value first.

Create beautiful spaces with Moonpoongji to provide emotional stability and to enhance the value of your customers' thinking with a happy space.

Second, Product differentiation.

We prioritize safe productability and ease of use, and provide differentiated services by enhancing customer satisfaction with our unique space.

Third, The pursuit of happiness

MOONPOONGJI is committed to providing systematic customer management and service support and family happiness management for the customer happiness management, with the big topic of high quality growth due to corporate ethics. If my family is not happy, I am trying to improve the satisfaction of my family because I think I cannot care about the happiness of other family members. MOONPOONGJI tries to make sure everyone has a happy life.

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