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History Of Company
1990`s 1997

Establishment of Hwaseong Furniture Co., Ltd.

2000`s 2003  

05(Corp.) C-Three (established by Zhengwang-dong, Siheung)

08The 12th of mbc participation in an exhibition


08 (Corp.) C-Three Headquarter relocation (Waesung Bukyang-dong)


02ISO19001/14001 Certification

03Confirmation of Venture Businesses

04Opening of the Corporate Research Institute

09Winner of the Competition Venture Business

122006 Korean invention patent competition silver prize


02Identify Innovative (INNO-BIZ) Companies

03Participation in the 17th MBC Building Exposition

05Presidential Award on the Day of Inventions

06Development of Integrated Brand for MOONPOONGJI

09Selected as a small and medium-sized business in the Gyeonggi


03Create CF/CM and publish over-the-air advertisements

08Participation in the 20th MBC Building Exposition

122008 Environmental Consumer Award

00Honorable Korean prize


03Korean Interior Decorative Works Cooperative Recognition

09Convention on the Code of Corporate Life in Hwaseong City
       in Hwaseong

2010`s 2010  

02Innovative (INNO-BIZ) company confirmation and certification

04Weekly Week - Weekly Personality Selection

09Windblock Door Launch

10Establishment of Gyeongnam dealership in Busan


11Selection of Social Contributions in Korea

00Room door / interior film release

00Patented door release


01Establishment of Namyang Dental Store in Hwaseong

00Participation in the MBC Architectural Exhibition

09Establishment of Gyeyang dealership in Incheon

00 all employees training completion

10Seoul Yongsan, Hwaseong Banwol and Daejeon Daedeok dealership establishment

11Nude Door Launch

12Suzy, Yongin, Sejong, South Chungcheong Province, and Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province


01Establishment of Yeongdong dealership in Gangneung

00Participation in the MBC Architectural Exhibition

02Dressroom, storage door launch

00Establishment of Yeongtong dealership in Suwon

00Establishment of Jinju dealership in South Gyeongsang Province

03Establishment of Changwon dealership in South Gyeongsang Province


00Establishment of Icheon dealership in Gyeonggi Province

00Establishment of Seongnam dealership in Gyeonggi Province


08Establishment of Kwonseon dealership in Suwon

09Establishment of Gangseo dealership in Seoul

10Launch Windblock as Sense Door


01Special edition of Mundaum Construction Company Branding

00Participation in the MBC Architectural Exhibition

04Folding Door Launch


09Release of the nude single door

12MOONPOONGJI Special Construction Company Special Edition Branding


01Participation in the MBC Architectural Exhibition

03The construction of the Munpoongji office building.

08Nude Swing Door Launch

00Hinged-free Nude Casement Launch

00Hinged-free Spin Door Launch

09Selection of the best companies in technology evaluation


02Participation in the KINTEX Trend Housing Fair

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