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Ideology & Vision
Management Ideology

Companies that trust customers based on their feelings and trust through constant technology development
For the best quality and pride, we talk about the following ways to pursue.

Create rich value.

We will always do our best to create a rich value that can drive
customer satisfaction and enrich their lives through the production/development of better products and services.

We cherishing life.

We recognize management as the best element so that we can strive for fair personnel management and nurturing human resources, so that we can enjoy a more prosperous and comfortable life.

It contributes to the human society.

We will fulfill my duty and role as a member of society based on our strong founding spirit to serve the nation and the people.

The motto of a company

A special value that insists on the best to create a creative enterprise.

It is a mental development and new pioneer of C-three MOONPOONGJI.
We will create a creative company based on our mission to help our customers trust and lead a healthy society where everyone enjoys a prosperous life.

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