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A/S Inquiry
The free A/S period is two years from the date of installation.

9:30 to 18:00 on weekdays / basic per diem (within two to four years of construction date)
40,000 won + Materials Costs seperate

After 18:00 on weekdays ~ day off, holiday / basic per diem(within two to four years of construction date)
70,000 won + Materials Costs seperate

Basic per diem will have an additional cost for each year after four years from the date of construction.
Traffic will be charged separately in the provinces.

A/S Text only Receiving method

Text only number : 010-7112-1823

You can enter your area / apartment name / dong, ho / AS information to receive by texting number and submit.

(ex. Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province / Munpoongji Apartment / 101dong 101ho. / The door's broken. I'm requesting A/S. )

Consumer Customer Center

Customer Center Number : 080-090-7942

For more information, please contact the Customer Service Center.

Moompoongji is a non-stop brand that is manufactured from (Inc.) C-Three and installed through installation. It is a 'logo' that enables A/S directly from the head office or construction agency. (Head office, construction agency)
This is a 'logo' that can only be used by agents or interior manufacturers who have contracted as a product manufactured from cessries and sold to dealers or interior manufacturers. (Headquarters A/S Not Available)
Tips from Moonpoongji to Customers

Q Can't the interlocking end be fixed besides 2,3,4?

Tighten the octagonal bolts on the door with a phenomenon wrench that cannot fix the end of interlocking 2,3, and 4.

Q Reasons for not being A/S


Reasons for not being A/S

A door patchwork job

To the door to move or large or a travel expenses for the visit was at the head office will be assessed.

Consumer Carelessness

Visits due to moving items or damage to scratches or scratches will be charged for travel expenses.

A nail sticking out of the pocket and scratching the door.

Pocket houses are optional, Since there are defects related to interior or pocket houses that are not related to door movements, travel expenses will be charged if they are not the Moompoongji pockets prior to reception.

The phenomenon of the wind coming from the pocket house. (Not 100% wind-blocking)

Pocket houses are optional, so travel expenses will be charged if they are not Moonpoongji pockets. please contact the handling store.

Pocket inside the house smell caused by debris.

Due to debris problems when given for travel expenses and double-check, please.


If it's a pocket door, the distributor has finishing it. Therefore, please if it has stabbed or scratch, take it to the distributor. (except doors and door frames) so please take pictures or gas except doors and door frames.
(However, A/S is only possible when constructing Moompoongji pocket house.)

In case of natural materials

Natural materials can make leaves or sugarcane like flowers, dye them with natural dye, and dry them, which can cause petals or leaves to tear or change in color.
In addition, harvesting by year's climate change, or wind or rain can seem like broken branches were divided.

In case leaf A/S is not applicable

  • 나뭇잎의 찢어짐

    Leaf tear

  • 나뭇잎의 점

    Leaf dot

  • 나뭇잎의 구멍

    Leaf hole

  • 나뭇잎의 갈라짐

    Leaf cleavage

  • 나뭇잎의 변색1

    Discoloration of leaves1

  • 나뭇잎의 변색2

    Discoloration of leaves2

In case stamen A/S is not applicable

  • 사탕수수잎의 점

    Dot of sugar cane leaves.

  • 사탕수수잎의 찢어짐

    Tear of sugar cane

  • 사탕수수잎의 떨어짐

    The fall of sugar cane

  • 사탕수수잎의 뭉뚝함

    The stubble of sugar cane

In case branch A/S is not applicable

  • 가지 갈라짐1

    Split of branch1

  • 가지 갈라짐2

    Split of branch2

  • 잔가지들


  • 가지끝의 뭉뚝함

    Bluntness of branch end

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